Thank you for purchasing a METRONOME product. METRONOME products are marketed at METRONOME authorized distributors and resellers around the world, as well as on the METRONOME online store available at the URL
Under this heading you will find details of the  METRONOME warranty provided by  METRONOME and authorized METRONOME resellers.


METRONOME grants this warranty to any consumer purchasing a METRONOME product (‘Product’) from METRONOME or authorized METRONOME resellers. METRONOME products are guaranteed against any material or manufacturing defects (defects) during the Warranty Period as defined below. The guarantee will only apply to defects discovered during the Warranty Period and will only benefit the original purchaser of the Product.  METRONOME Products are in line with their technical specifications and specifications; it is up to you to ensure that they are in line with the use you want to make of them and choose them accordingly.
This guarantee is valid and enforceable only in the country of purchase of the Product to the extent that  METRONOME  has effectively authorized the distribution of the Product in that country. This guarantee is also valid in all countries belonging to the European Economic Area in which METRONOME has a distributor.
Please refer to the list of distributors of METRONOME products. Depending on the countries of sale, special and variable guarantees may exist depending on the applicable law, the provisions of this guarantee are not intended to defeat these mandatory provisions. The Warranty Period takes effect on the date the original buyer buys the Product. The Product may consist of several different parts and these parts may be covered by a different Warranty Period (refer to the paragraph “Warranty Period”).
The Warranty on all products and accessories is two (2) years, expandable to five (5) years.
Under national laws, the Warranty Period will not be extended or renewed or affected by further resale, repair or replacement of the Product. However, the repaired parts or replacement product (s) during the Warranty Period will be guaranteed for the remainder of the Initial Warranty Period as long as the replacement or repair has been carried out by METRONOME or an authorized dealer. Depending on the country of sale, special and variable Periods of Warranty may exist depending on the applicable law, the provisions of this guarantee policy are not intended to defeat these mandatory provisions.


1. The following damages are not covered by the warranty:
    a) Damage resulting from normal wear and tear of the Product
    b) Damage resulting from the transport or storage of the Product
    c) Damage resulting from improper use of the products or from improper maintenance
    d) Damage resulting from non-compliance with the product use and maintenance instructions as defined in the product user manual
    e) Damage resulting from the modification of the Product
    f) Damage resulting from an impact, caused by sharp objects, by twisting, compression, fall, abnormal impact and other actions beyond the control of METRONOME.

2. This warranty is not enforceable if:
    a. The Product is not returned in its original packaging, if it has been modified or repaired by any person or entity other than METRONOME or an authorized METRONOME reseller;
    b. The Product has been repaired with unauthorized spare parts;
    c. The Product serial number has been removed, deleted, altered or made illegible.


In the event of a Default, METRONOME or an authorized METRONOME retailer undertakes, at its discretion, either to (a) repair the Product or (b) replace the Product free of charge. This choice will be made by METRONOME on the basis of the following considerations:
    a. the value that the Product would have if there were no default,
    b. the importance of the default,
    c. the inconvenience caused by the compensation offered to the original buyer.
METRONOME is committed to ensuring that any repair or replacement is carried out within a reasonable time, taking into account the nature of the goods and the use sought by them.

For any warranty claim, present the Product and the purchase invoice to the authorized METRONOME reseller from which you purchased the Product, or if you purchased the Product from the METRONOME Online Store, contact Customer Service on +33 ( 0) 534 26 11 33 to find out the procedure for returning Products in the event of a warranty claim.


Within the framework of national laws, this warranty is exclusive of any other remedy and takes the place of any warranty declared or implied. METRONOME cannot be held liable for any indirect damage including, in particular, loss of opportunity or gain, loss of use of the product or associated device, the cost of any replacement equipment, claims by third parties as well as damage caused to property resulting from the purchase or use of the product or further to a breach of the warranty. METRONOME cannot be held responsible for loss of use of the product during its repair period.